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Advertising04 January 2018

Advertising campaigns 2017: breaking the barriers and stereotypes

Social trend

Every year, at the turn of December and January, on my blog I publish an overview of the most distinctive advertising campaigns over the past 12 months.  It is going to be the same this time, although at the sixth edition of my summary, I thought it is high time to change its formula into an even more valuable one. Until now, the creators’ creativity, the dose of inspiration or the form of the campaign were the main criteria of my choice. I created this year’s ranking based on the powerful factor. I was looking for ads with a unique and important message as well as those which main message was to go against the flow and against the prevailing stereotypes. I aimed at campaigns that are a loud and bold declaration of the brand on a specific, socially relevant issue.

This direction of communication is a very strong, global and long-term trend. I call it Good Is The New Cool and I often mention it on the blog as well as during my speeches. And it seems to be even stronger because the brands notice that they have to speak on issues that are important to their clients. Consumers are tired of fake news, aggressive political discourse, stereotyping in the media and advertising. They are looking for authentic brands with integrated, transparent communication, that are run for many years. Today, customers need brands whose goal is not only to generate revenue, but also activities that go beyond business in the broad sense. More often, they choose products of companies that strongly react to events important for a large part of society. 91% of Millenials would change the brand to the one that manifests greater corporate social responsibility (Cone Communication Millenials CSR Study), and 85% of people from Gen Z will be more likely to buy a product from a brand that supports the long-term social goal (Fuse Gen Z Report). Worth remembering.

For me, 2017 was a year of such campaigns and I predict that in 2018 there will be definitely more campaigns with a strong social pillar. The following fifteen is just the tip of the iceberg.

Audi: “Daughter” #Gender #Equality #STEM

Diesel: “Go With The Flaw” #Diversity #StandOut #NoFucksGiven

Nike: “Equality” #NoBoundaries #Fairness #Respect

Burger King: “Bullying Jr.” #AntiBullying #SpeakUp #TakeAStand

Tempo: “Pregnancy Test For Men” #TechTwist #ChangingRules #Pregnancy

War Child: “Batman” #Refugees #ImmigrationCrisis #RealHeroes

VW: “The blind photographer and the new Arteon” #Authenticity #VisualPerson #Senses

Uber: “Boxes” #FutureOfCities #RideSharing #Transportation

Bufdir: “The Lunchbox” #Hunger #FosterHomes #Sharing

Nike: “Breaking2” #Barriers #Challenges #PushingTheLimits

Edeka: “Vielfalt” #Diversity #ImmigrationCrisis #Stunt 

Volvo: “The Get Away Car” #Mindfulness #Passions #LiveFullyNow

Airbnb: “We Accept” #Diversity #ImmigrationCrisis #Inclusivity

The New York Times: “The Truth Is Hard To Find” #Truth #Transparency #Quality

TV2 Denmark: “All That We Share” #Tolerance #Unite #ConnectedSociety

I wish you a Happy New Year, full of love and happiness.

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