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Advertising10 June 2017

Cannes Lions 2017: Innovation Shortlist

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Cannes Festival organizers have just announced the full shortlist nominees in the category of Innovation Lions. This is the category, which during the entire festival draws my attention most strongly. According to the annual tradition, I publish a compilation of all case studies, which are often scattered on the Internet and which sometimes simply cannot be found. I am happy to hand them to you on the plate.

This pleasure is further enhanced by the Polish accent. Browsing this year’s shortlist I could finally say “at last!” – this year’s list included a project of the FCB Warsaw home agency. As a car lover I must admit that the implementation of the Smart Bell for AXA client is really interesting and I wonder how likely it is that it will be deployed on slightly larger scale than just the competition one. When I got acquainted with this project a few months ago, the first thing after seeing a case study was a message to the FCBW, would there be a chance of this smart bell to test and describe on the blog. So far, no answer. So if someone from the agency responsible for that is reading this, the proposal is still up to date ;).

Apart from the mentioned Polish implementation, in my own “Top 3” this year’s nominations for Innovation Lions would also be : Tigo-Une: Payphone Bank (for using unused phones and fighting the problem of excluding the poor part of the local community),Tiger Beer Heineken – Air Ink (for an innovative project paying attention to the level of pollution increasing at an express rate) and Euskal Irrati Telebista – Yournalist (for trying to fight the so-called Fake News and junk news industry – it is really worth to get acquainted with it).

I invite you to familiarize yourself with all 35 nominated projects. Which one do you think deserves the Golden Lion of Cannes? Who would you give your one vote to? I am very curious about your opinions. Have fun! The results for the Innovation category will be known on June 19th.

Baidu – Know You Again

Shoottracker, Keemotion – The Autonomous Broadcast Network

Intel – Super Bowl Half Time Show

Intel – Intel X The Royal Shakespeare Company X The Imaginarium: The Tempest

Google – Tilt Brush

Google – Earth VR

Ford Spain – Max Motor Dreams

Nike – Unlimited Stadium

Stockholm Pride – Los Santos Pride

Transport Accident Commision Victoria – Meet Graham

IM Swedish Development Partner – The Humanium Metal Initiative

Samsung – The Billion Color Film

CIP – The International Potato Center – Potatoes On Mars

Tigo-Une – Payphone Bank

Westpac Banking Corporation – Rescue Rashie

Medex – I’m Ada, I Can Help

Heineken Asia – Air Ink

IBM – The Cognitive Collection Designed By Jason Grech + IBM Watson

AXA – Smart Bell

Euskal Irrati Telebista – Yournalist

Whirlpool – Zera

Apple – Liam

Shell – Turning Gravity Into Light

HPCL – Roads That Honk

Tess – Cogy Wheelchair

Audi – The Enter Sandbox VR

Google – Fast Drawing for Everyone

What3Words – The World Addressed

Cyrcadia Health – The Wearable That Detects Cancer

Direct Line – Fleetlights

Google Creative Lab – Project Bloks

Samsung – Theater For All Ears

US Postal – Your Voice Is Your Stamp

Oculus – Fall in Love VR

Polaris – The Anti-Trafficking Exam

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