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About Me

Adam Przeździęk (Pszeszdzienk)

I live in Poland, but I spend a lot of time traveling and looking for signals of change. I am a trendwatcher who deal with marketing communication based on interactive media and technologies. I observe, I analyse and present new trends or social phenomena affecting our lives and determining the changes in the various market sectors. In the business of marketing and advertising I work since 2003, helping companies to adapt trends through training and individual counseling. I am also a lecturer in panels at conferences in Poland and abroad. is a global version of my blog – one of the most influential blogs in Poland.

I graduated from Czestochowa University of Technology with a degree in International Marketing and I have postgraduate diplomas of Internet Marketing at Warsaw School of Economics and Tischner European University in Cracow. Professional experience I gathered while working for corporations (e.g. Tesco, PressitOn, Agora), software house (XSolve), start ups and creative agencies (e.g. GONG – one of the most awarded agencies in Poland). Presently I work with major brands in Poland and Europe, realizing their needs of unique projects, conducting research, developing trend reports and providing knowledge on innovation in a particular sector of the market.

I founded my blog 11 years ago. It became one of the longest-created blogs on this subject and also one of the most influential and valuable in its category in Poland. Since my digital birth, the blog has accumulated large and steady crowd of readers, what from the author’s point of view, seems to be its greatest value. I write about non-standard forms of advertising, the latest social phenomena and trends in the field of digital media and technology, as well as their impact on advertising or consumers’ daily lives. The concepts of creative advertising campaigns and ideas for unique promotional brands are subjects that really grab my attention. I focus on campaigns that I perceive as having an important idea behind and the deeper message than any other. I constantly observe, I continuously search for new micro trends, developments and changes in our everyday life.

In 2011 I was honoured to be placed in the album of 100 Polish Internet People. In 2015, readers of the magazine “Brief” nominated me for the title of Brief’s Man of the Year. I have been repeatedly appreciated in the rankings of popular and influential bloggers in Poland. My blog regularly appears in the lists of the best and the most valuable marketing blogs in our country. In 2015 credits to my blog were given by one of the most significant advertising and media magazine „Adweek“. My publications can be found in e.g „BE Magazine“. Apart from marketing triathlon is what I am passionate about in my free time. I do my best to make good results for the SYNAPSIS Foundation and its action ”Hurry For Help” (“Biegiem Na Pomoc”) which realizes the mission of helping children and adults with autism.


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