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Nonstandards09 May 2018

Billboards in Berlin as a smart shortcut

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A MINI brand is currently running a great, non-standard campaign in the urban space of Berlin. Its goal is to promote RTTI functionality (Real Time Traffic Information), which will be available in the latest cars of this manufacturer. Its main task is to bring the driver from point A to point B the fastest route. What distinguishes RTTI from similar systems is the analysis of traffic information in real time, and then the current response to the change of traffic and suggesting an alternative route if necessary.

The “Shortcut Billboards” campaign developed by the Serviceplan Campaign X Munich also focuses on choosing the fastest route, however not in the context of traveling by car but winding through the city on foot. MINI in the often frequented, though troublesome for pedestrians, places in Berlin, has arranged its own advertising billboards, which also serve as a way for cutting corners. Using them allows pedestrians to save real time. For example, one of them shortened the time of overcoming the route from 12 to 3 minutes, but it led … through the middle of the football field.

The action began in April and will continue till the end of spring. So, if you plan to visit German capital city in the near future, be sure to look for unusual shortcuts! Their exact locations can be found in the film promoting this, sensational and well-referenced RTTI functionality advertised campaign.

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