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Advertising26 September 2016

Campaign: The Crisis Of Confidence In Advertising

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British magazine Campaign, referring to the trend of brands producing their own original series, in recent days showed the document „The Trust Crisis” Marketing’s Biggest Challenge” – the first from the announced series. However it is not going to be entertaining. It is a documentary about today’s world of advertising and rules prevailing in it. Bad rules.

According to the authors, the film was made in response to declining consumer confidence throughout the advertising industry and shows main, global problems which have long been plagued the marketing industry. Many famous people in the world of advertising has issued its comments on the matter, e.g. Sir Martin Sorrell (WPP), Cindy Gallop, Wendy Clark (DDB), Stephen Allan (Mediacom) and Keith Weed (Unilever). According to their opinion, radical steps are necessary to restore the credibility of former advertising and repair strained trust of customers. Words are just words, if there’s no action. Hence, statements and vision of people mentioned above, I personally treat more in the category of wishful thinking and vision than a real plan to improve the situation.

The driving force for the project of Campaign magazine is an independent report „An Independent Study of Media Transparency in the U.S. Advertising Industry” made by Association of National Advertising (ANA) and K2 Intelligence. Nearly 60 pages of the document provides a sound knowledge of that global practices which negatively affect the reception of the entire advertising industry and spoil it from the inside. 

The full version of the report can be downloaded for free from the ANA and the Campaign’s document can be seen below. Reading the report, as well as seeing the document , from my perspective, is a must for everyone who works in this industry. 

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