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I observe, analyze and define key trends for brands and entire market categories. I advise on new technologies and groundbreaking innovations, supporting leaders in adapting the best solutions.

Are you wondering what the world will look like in the future? How will we move, work and spend your spare time in 2030? How will technology affect our lives? Discover the key trends that shape your industry and affect your business.

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Area of my expertise

I help companies to function better today and be better prepared for tomorrow. By observing, analyzing and presenting changes taking place in the markets around the world, I help companies see significant trends with growth potential. I present new ideas in an inspirational way and show opportunities to stand out from the competition.

The process of observing and analyzing trends, which I implement together with my clients, is one ot the key tools enabling companies to forecast how the market in which they operate can change in the medium and long term. My advisory role in cooperation with companies includes sharing knowledge accumulated during the so-called trendwatching tours, presentation of key trends and social changes, and helping companies to adapt trends in their businesses. Modern business, future-oriented and at the same time firmly rooted in reality.

How can I help you?

I work in the area of providing inspiration, educating and co-creating effective solutions for the future. I carry out trainings and innovation workshops, I prepare in-depth reports and I prepare dedicated research. Together with my clients, I develop or consult their projects based on the values and needs of today's consumers.

I advise companies focusing on the biggest challenges and the future of a particular industry, category or brand. I work with representatives of companies at the CMO, CTO and CEO levels. I am a speaker at conferences, giving speeches to a wide auditorium, as well as to dedicated, smaller groups of listeners, during internal meetings and events. I am a panelist and lecturer in the field of innovation and observation of trends at Polish universities.

The tools I use in cooperation:

Reports presenting leading trends and future forecasts

Inspirational speeches and trend presentations along with their application

Consulting and advisory in the area of trends and innovation

Workshops on observation, analysis and implementation of trends and innovation in the company

Regular Tailor Made reports on the brand's key changes in its environment

Trend tour: trendhunting in a selected city or during the most important trade fairs in the world

The future of the brand or sector analyzed and described using the scenario method

Support during strategic meetings and board discussions

My clients:

  • 8A
  • Balsen
  • Belvedere Vodka
  • BP
  • Deloitte
  • Farmacol S.A.
  • Hennesy
  • IBM
  • Idea Bank
  • IKEA
  • LINK4
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Moet&Chandon
  • Orange
  • RRD
  • T-mobile
  • Tesco

Methodology for developing presentations and workshops:



Each project is preceded by Trend Briefing-a meeting and talking to the client about the challenges, needs and goals that our cooperation is to achieve.

It is followed by an in-depth information research process and presentation of my proposed course of action.



After agreeing on the structure of the workshop or presentation, I develop the merits of our meeting with an emphasis on its practical dimension, the use of insights noticed during dozens of trendhunter journeys and based on the most interesting case studies from various companies, markets and regions of the world.



Each project I implement is not only an inspirational presentation but also a workshop and a discussion of the presented material in practical terms.

Working with the client's team I present the most important conclusions, future business scenarios, possible applications in the company and a list of recommended next steps to be used immediately.

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I support the largest companies in Poland in the area of innovation, observing trends and changes taking place under the influence of technology.

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