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Technology16 November 2019

Digital detox as a currency

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Over the next few years technological change will continue to exert a strong influence on our lives. Increasingly, however, we will question their validity and ask for a positive impact on the surrounding reality. This phenomenon will be growing, mostly because every strong trend, and undoubtedly it is the development of technology in almost every field, sooner or later encounters an increasing opposite trend, which will be noticeable, among others, in the way businesses operate and in how they create an offer for their clients. Some companies, through their services, will start to pay more attention to supporting consumers in building healthy relationships with new technologies, including taking care of their tech-life balance and encouraging to limit the time spent online.

Worth mentioning in this context is the example from the Swedish market, which is the cooperation of the insurance company Länsförsäkringar, which is also famous for non-standard communication activities, with the hotel Bellora in Gothenburg. The brands have created an unusual offer, giving the possibility to book a hotel room Check Out Suite, in which the stay is entirely free. Under one condition. This room has a Skärmfri lamp, also created by Länsförsäkringar, which, when connected to WIFI, monitors how long the hotel guest stays online. If it uses the internet for more than 30 minutes, the light turns red. This is a sign that the time allowed for using the Internet has been exceeded and therefore the client must pay the full price for the room in which he is staying. Sticking to the mentioned time limit results in a free hotel stay – in exchange for staying (almost) all the time offline.

Just as the private data provided to technological giants or our attention given to advertisers, the time spent online will more and more often be the currency that we will pay for free access to many services. Both digital and those available IRL.

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