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Advertising11 April 2016

Extreme Definitions Of The Word “Wait”

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Queues and overnight in front of Apple stores became permanent landscapes everywhere, where the brand has its footholds. This view is also a living barometer of customers’ expectations in relation to technological novelty – the longer the line, the greater the demand.

In the articles that describe the madness of the first day of sales of the desired gadget, almost always we can find information about how long Apple fans need not to await outside the shop. The most steadfast spend in this state even a week, and when asked about the reason of their behavior, they proudly admit that their perseverance and dedication is for them an incredible achievement. However, waiting seems to have a variety of meanings.

When for some it boils down to several days queuing for a new phone, for others it is a painful prose of life. These are not days, but months when waiting is perceived as a permanent state. These definitions still seem to have much in common. Anyway, for a new devices you can also await many months. The difference emerges more clearly, when we know the reason for waiting, and when it turns out that its scale is incomparably greater. As an example let’s take organ transplants and the expectation for finding the right donor.

Based on that contrast, a well-known Belgian agency Duval Guillaume draws attention to the problem of his client – one in the queue waits for the new gadget, while the other looks out for the new life. In an unusual project prepared for the needs of the Re-born to be alive, an organization recruiting donors, creators indicate which waiting is a true challenge and remind, when it takes on much greater significance.

The main campaign slogan is: Some people wait for a gadget, others wait for their life. And you what are you waiting for.


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