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Research03 March 2020

New Technologies and Concerns About Trust in Tech [research]

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In the study “Connecting The Dots 2020” 24% of people from the most developed economies in the world surveyed in 2019 by the Global Web Index said that they do not understand new technologies. Moreover, this indicator increases or remains unchanged in all GWI studies since 2013. In turn, the latest Edelman Trust Barometer 2020 report shows that for 61% of respondents, changes in the area of new technologies occur too quickly, and 66% of them believe that technologies will make it difficult to distinguish truth from fabricated information.

Concerns about emerging new technologies were often expressed quite bluntly, for example in the nineteenth century by craftsmen wanting to resist the progressive industrialization of industry. Even today, voices are heard that “Uber’s world needs Luddists of our era.” In my opinion, we need access to reliable education at every level: from government, through institutions, education, to NGOs, rather than radical criticism, repression or the fight against technological progress. There is nothing worse than fear resulting from the unconscious and based on the lack of adequate knowledge or access to it. In times of unlimited resources and so-called Intelligence Amplification it may sound like a paradox, which should be opposed by the selection of appropriate sources, in-depth research, analysis and fact-checking of information and an attempt to go beyond the ubiquitous information noise.

Both reports are free to download:
Global Web Index: Connecting The Dots 2020
Edelman Trust Barometer 2020

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