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Advertising27 April 2016

Places To Visit In Poland – The Essence Of A Great Promo Video

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For anyone interested in touristic visit in Poland – searching Youtube to find videos depicting the most charming places in the country, has just ended. ‘Holiday in Poland’ is – in my opinion – the best film promoting Poland, which has so far seen the light of day. It’s a 4 minute long clip that doesn’t let you take your eyes off the screen. It runs through amazing shots of 30 the most beautiful corners of Poland, mostly filmed by professional drones.

Produkcja Filmowa studio is responsible for the implementation of the material. Thanks to it the company wanted to draw attention to the beauty of the home country, but also stressed its own skills clearly visible in hundreds of implementation. Clever marketing gimmick in both cases, don’t you think? Film during the first day of the emission was seen by over half a million of Internet users, but the mention of it appeared also in the largest domestic television media.
As a native Polish with undisguised pride I watched the movie several times. My joy is enhanced by the fact that every second of the movie presents real places and spaces of my country. There is no place for the effects added in post-production. So, dear tourists, this is your shortest, but also the most magnificent guide to Poland. Believe me – this country really rocks!
PS. Feel invited!
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