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Technology28 November 2016

I Spy Doc: the other side of the digital world

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We live in a digital world with as many potential pros as cons. Uncertainty, with its source in cybercrime is one of the signs of our times. We should know more about this threat – in fact global disaster may now be triggered by pressing a button on the keyboard. And that’s what the document I Spy Doc is about, its interactivity allows each of us to leave their own opinion on the issues raised in it.
I Spy Doc is a material about a digitized world, where democratization has given us a lot, but also a lot it might take from us, when modern technology falls into the wrong hands of destructive and determined people. 5 episodes, poignant as well as worrisome.
The project is made by  Jam3, Fumes.TV oraz Thedocufactory
I Spy Project
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