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Advertising25 August 2016

The Customer As A Walking Billboard

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Systematically traveling and visiting different airports, many times I wondered when any brand will make good use of wrapping luggage with stretch wrap to promote its own company. The potential to non-standard and grateful action seems to be pretty big in it, right? That’s why I am very surprised that nobody has done it yet. Finally I lived to see a campaign that catches attention beacause of the idea, its simple and effective implementation. And which company is able to quickly transform the potential of the popular wrap in its own success? Certainly the one that produces suitcases and the one that has very much in common with travelling, in this case we are talking about Samsonite.

This brand is an icon in the world of the tourist for many years, that’s why it dealt with the topic very cleverly: transforming travellers, and also potential buyers, in movable advertising media. In exchange for free taping and securing the bags, the service gave the passenger a small but visible message from Samsonite. What message? Find the answer in the movie.

In the first phase of the campaign, more than 1,200 clients agreed to this action which can safely be called the situation “win-win” where gains both, the client (free safety of a weaker uncertain suitcase) and Samsonite (almost free advertising space, in addition perfectly targeted – suitcases with the brand logo and a catchy slogan flew to 120 destinations around the world). The pilot action was assessed by Samsonite so positively that they announced its sequels in other aerial ports. And if you had the chance to save $ 10 in exchange for giving space on your suitcase to positively exceptive marketing, would you do it? As for me – no problem! Not because I would like to receive a free service – I never wrap my bags (and I do not have Samsonite!) I just really like this campaign and willingly I would take part in it – within offline permission marketing.

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