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Nonstandards05 April 2017

The opposition expressed by a button – the second life of Amazon Dash Button

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Just yesterday, during the workshop that I led, we talked about the Dash Button (the Amazon’s device) and its success in the United States. It’s a little gadget, which I personally call the laziness button, which is accessible there for more than 200 products (when you buy a device for ~ $ 5, and you click it your order on Amazon is automatically placed). Within a year of its introduction the number of orders of products through its use has increased fivefold. Convenience, ease of use and seamless operation, as the leading needs of today’s customer and therefore the design guidelines of products and services for it, definitely win.

Despite the popularity of this solution, personally I’m still not convinced, and probably I never will be convinced to the need of having these clunky “panic buttons” in different parts of the house – my observations on this subject I have already published on the blog. Today I decided to write again about the Dash Button due to unusual social initiative of a programmer Nathan Pryor, whose product has become the focal point and gains, despite its original micro-scale, more and more popularity.

Pryor is by no means the supporter of the President Donald Trump and his not very successful beginning of the mandate (what an exceptionally delightful euphemism I used). He decided to express his discontent in a way that was very quickly grasped by the world’s media. Using software capabilities, he designed from scratch a new Dash Button, which pressed every time sends $ 5 for non-profit organization American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). The same organization that appealed against (and won) a controversial immigration law signed by Donald Trump, and which purpose is to protect the rights of citizens guaranteed by the Constitution.

Although the button has not been introduced to the general public (maybe it’s just a matter of time), I must admit that this is a very original action, which could meet with a large response from the public. If people would be willing to purchase the button and use it with a similar frequency as its basic version, the ACLU could count on a significant increase in grants (although the mere appeal against Trump’s decision triggered a massive wave of payments, the sum of which amounted to ~ $ 24 million).

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