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Research16 November 2019

The role of research and observation in the process of creating advertising campaigns

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There is no golden mean or secret component of the campaign that makes it a success. In fact, this is most often determined by the detail that causes the campaign to appeal to people and causes positive emotions in them. The essence of the matter is not only to try to solve the company’s problem expressed in the brief, but also – or above all – think about what the end customer really needs today.

The best, authentic and memorable campaigns are based on the current needs of consumers and the immutable values they profess. A company that declares long-term values identical with ideas that are close to its clients becomes, in their eyes, an authentic and trustworthy brand. To find out what really is in the client, the so-called the scanning phase preceding all work on the creative concepts of the campaign is extremely vital. It consists of three key stages: research, analysis of the information acquired and inference based on the possessed data.

Research can be done in two ways, I always use both approaches while working for my clients. The first of them is the so-called Desk research – in-depth research including substantive analyzes, reports, recordings, niche examples of the implementation of the developing trend, best cases in the industry, as well as insights from other industries, etc. The Internet makes the task easier, because it provides a lot of information for this part of research, but professional magazines, journals and other specialized publications are also a great support of this part of analytical work. The second type of observation is the so-called Field research. It is nothing but going away from the desk and computer, going out to the city with an attitude of getting to know a new one, going to another country, talking to people, interviewing people from the target group of our client, listening to and wanting to know the real needs of clients.

After the extensive research phase, you should devote the right amount of time to analyze the collected material and to draw conclusions that can ultimately be – non-obvious at the beginning – the foundations of a new, outstanding campaign on the market. I prepare such “Insight Reports” for many brands from various sectors of our market and I know that thanks to scanning and analysis of the environment, not only better campaigns but also products and offers adapted to the market and the expectations of buyers can be created.

Trends shape where we most often do not look. To create a successful campaign, but also to meet the needs of the brand and its customers, it takes a lot of effort – searching and courage to break the usual patterns, question stereotypes, while remaining authentic and honest in contact with the consumer. So before we sit down to generate the first concepts of the campaign, let’s take a step back and analyze with attention, on which real premises, they should be built. Shortcut does not exist, but the observation of trends can be a compass to know in which direction to go.

I gave the above statement to Bloomboard as a part of the article “32 experts on the secrets of a successful digital marketing campaign“.

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