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Advertising05 January 2017

Top 10 most inspiring and memorable commercials of 2016

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Every year at this time I publish my own list of the most inspiring campaigns of the last 12 months. As far as I am good at counting, this is my fifth list in this category on my blog. One significant change if compared to the previous year is the fact that this time I chose only (or maybe up?) 10 productions. It does not mean that 2016 was worse than 2015 in terms of conscious and catchy ads. It was much different. In my notes I found a lot of interesting social campaigns, but at the same time definitely less successful typically commercial campaigns. Therefore, I focused on the selection of the top ten, instead of choosing moderately good and uneven twenty creations. Frankly speaking, I believe that this year’s list is not poorer in the matter of quality than the last one. On the contrary, less is always more. Take a look at the presentation, download it directly from Slideshare and leave a comment with your favourite last year’s creation.

Most Inspiring And Memorable Commercials Of 2016 [EN] from
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