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Offtopic14 August 2017

Transmit 24/7 from your private life

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In April last year on my blog I published the text „The future will be live-streamed„. In this text I emphasized the dynamics of the increase in the amount of video content published on the Internet and the development of this trend with increasingly popular live streaming . In retrospect, this article has not completely lost its relevance. Moreover, it was a good prediction of what we are dealing with today – streaming literally everything. Starting from informational and news programs (even the best Polish example – Onet Rano) through live publishing of interesting events in the lives of different users (matches, concerts, travel reports, etc. – it is important for the publication to convey the spirit of “here and now”) to something completely new – broadcasting … all life in 24/7 mode.

With the rapid propagation of live broadcasts via Facebook, Instagram, Periscope and Youtube, the LifeStream project was created which is owned and operated by Adult Streaming Service – Camsoda. The latter should not be a surprise, since the unwritten rule is that adults are the first to adapt, or even test, the latest technology (another example is the rapid commercialization of Virtual Reality technology). The platform, controversial because of its creators (you have been warned!), aims to broadcast on a continuous basis daily casual life, although previously verified users, without specific assumptions, goals or tasks to accomplish.

The most interesting, however, are benefits, which lifestreamers receive in return for cooperation with the platform. LifeStream offers them $ 200 a month, pays bills for the Internet, and gives 3 video cameras for streaming. We have to admit that this is a cheesy offer, especially when we talk about unlimited access to privacy of the “watched”. The only time a creator can disappear from the camera while at home is time for the toilet, although some people also transmit their bath. The dream, of course, too. The service has no problem finding people willing to agree to such a deal. At this moment a dozen people joined the project, most of whom broadcast 100% SFW content, including playing with a cat or presenting live fashion (!).As the creators claim, live streams of everyday life of “Average Joe” are the answer to their own requests – many streamers do not want to undress in front of the cameras, and want to transmit on a continuous basis and react to the results of internal research. It has made it clear that viewers and platform users want to watch other people online at any time of day or night, without directing. Peeping passes from offline to network.

What does it mean and what does it change? Over the last few years, there has been a lot of talk about increased interference in our private lives – both online (sensitive data collection, even by the FAANG giants), and offline (industrial cameras and monitoring are ubiquitous). Increasingly, however, we create opportunities for ourselves, inviting our own space to completely alien people, using the Internet. This phenomenon is progressing and will gain strength. The temptation is sometimes stronger than the cold calculation of possible gains and losses.

Do you remember the figure of Leopoldo, the average Italian official (played by Roberto Benigni) and his surrealist story in Woody Allen’s “Lovers in Rome”? Leopoldo at express pace and completely unexpectedly became a celebrity, but quickly lost this status. The growing popularity of live streaming services may favor the emergence of such celebrity “comets”; after all, everyone has been promised their 15 minutes of fame in life…

At this point it seems reasonable to ask how much we are able to do, in order to feel adored by the masses of people even just for a moment? It seems that more and more, while not realizing the full extent of the negative consequences. Although the curiosity of others’ lives lies in human nature since the dawn of history, today it is extremely easy and natural for us to lose our privacy. This happens for our permission, in addition, we offer it for a song.

The LifeStream platform could, in my opinion, be an interesting experimental project, but it is not, it’s real. The consequence of the development of similar initiatives (and I predict that this will happen) will be in the near future interest from global brands. Companies, like the air, need data and precise insights on the daily life of customers. We, as consumers, produce this information in a natural way, although we usually do not realize their great value for brands. Now someone, read: Live Stream owners, said straight – give us your privacy, let us analyze it, and redistribute it for a fee to other people. We in return will give you free Internet access and $ 200 – to wipe away tears on the remnants of what has so far been undiscovered in your life and still not well researched. The future will be live-streamed and deprived of privacy.

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