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Nonstandards22 January 2017

Trendwatching: IAMsterdam

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Coincidentally, few days ago I had a chance to spend some time in Amsterdam. This is one of those cities, which I think is super interesting for observation, searching for new trends or encountering quirks. It’s a pleasure to be back there, and to leave it with camera full of inspiration. So it was this time, hence I thought I would share what, in my conviction, can inspire curiosity in you too. I do not concentrate here only on a purely advertising or marketing observations. Wandering around the city I’m taking pictures of probably the strangest objects (what does not go unnoticed even in a loose city like Amsterdam) and I’m concentrating primarily on what catches my attention, because it’s new to me, or is a part of one of the trends I observe, not only the technological ones.

Non-traditional Sixt’s ad at Schiphol Airport.

lotnisko amsterdam schipol

Mercedes in his new promotional campaign implements the concept of Electric Intelligence.

Mercedes EQ

The Amsterdam Dungeon – Theater of horror show, related to the history of Amsterdam. It proves that demand for a bit of fear never decreases.

The Amsterdam Dungeon

amsterdam posters

This is one of the most interesting and sophisticated in its simplicity “commercials” of an external product I have ever encountered. If you sell a physical product, you’ve found a reason to replace your old, probably badly designed sign advertising.

Bakery’s catchphrase. I know, everything in English sounds better :)

Continuing the motif of simplicity. How to focus on the product, while still maintaining minimalism. Stunning!

„Lockers” at the hairdresser’s. Made of concrete.

Amsterdam is all about bikes. That’s actually the best picture I have ever taken. Bear in mind, I am a photography amateur.

amsterdam bikes

Angry-looking naming of creative agency

Grrr Amsterdam creative agency

The shop window which grabbed my attention and really gave me a lot to think about. The picture below serves as a supplement. Sentence in Dutch means roughly “Is it true or is it just nice.” As many interpretations as viewers. Mine, in a broader sense would be: with an extreme precision we are destroying the planet on which we walk.

I was not able to walk over to the installation, but I really liked it. I like its dynamics and the way it stands out against the background of the historic buildings.

The popular “Red Light District” surprises not only with the multitude of windows thanks to which district is mostly famous for. In one of them, lit exactly like all the others, Red Light Radio – a local radio station, gives their broadcasts. And no one knocks on the window.

Hangover Information Center is, contrary to appearances, not just a point to let you know how in our body hangover is formed (I know, there is a really simple explanation). This is a shop where for few euros you can buy a patent medicine, which consumption supposedly guarantees no negative impact on the second day after partying. I have not tested it, but I learned that the company is currently developing the entire sales network.

Christmas wrapping of Scheltema– five-storey, one of the largest bookstore in Europe. Five hours taken out of life and a few hundred euros less on the credit card. It was worth.

Special cooking space is arranged on one of the floors. Good solution for those who want to immediately try out new recipes form cookery books. Very cool idea.

Cafe Esprit is a very good example of the company trend that goes beyond their core competencies. For example, through its own cafes and other non-standard forms of business, they want to expand the brand to reach the customer, add another point of contact with him and increase brand visibility.

One of several installations, located on the river channel as part of the Amsterdam Light Festival.

Dom Perignon rearranged.

Claudia Sträter, the Dutch fashion brand for women is leading an initiative “Share your clothes” and is encouraging clients to bring their unused clothes. Washed and ironed clothes are offered for sale, the owner receive a discount on new purchases, and the brand pays part of the amount from the sale to support the Claudia Sträter Foundation. Unsold clothes are sent to needy women in Ukraine.

During my last visit to Amsterdam, dummy horse in a 1: 1 scale protruded from the storefront right on the sidewalk.

Wanrooij Gallery is next to the Rijks museum, it promotes young and emerging artists and focuses on projects related to new media. While visiting Amsterdam, it is worth taking a look.

The future of rikshaw.

Artists’ golden rule.

Teddy bear, dropping soap bubbles outside the store. Another job position that has beed digitized.

Amsterdam with its visual identity is, in my opinion, one of the best communicating cities. With this slogan, you do not need much to make it consistent and recognizable element of promotion.

Instalacja Shylight in Rijksmuseum, created by Drift Studio. It presents a mechanical ballet, combining natural movements (also associated with the development of flowers) with technology elements, with the support of the play of light.

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